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November 29, 30 December 1 – Lima Peru

November 29, 30 December 1 – Lima Peru

This is the first time, in years of cruising, that we have stayed in one port for 3 days.  Lima is a huge city and one of the few that we visit which has a serious crime warning from the State Department – 14 muggings per hour in just the neighborhood where we dock.  Because of that, the shuttle bus drops at an upscale neighborhood, about an hour away.

Despite the dire warnings, we began to prepare for our visit to Lima.  The first step was for our professional shopper to scout out the dockside opportunities.

We boarded the shuttle, which as I mentioned was to take us to a less dangerous part of the city.  We passed through the neighborhood of Callao, where the port is located.

Most of this area has high cliffs bordering the ocean, and they have rigged netting to prevent erosion and landslides.

Our drop off spot was the Indian Market – which was actually two markets across the street from each other.

This is the Indian Market – really nice shops selling woven goods and other Peruvian produced products and crafts.

The shops surrounded this garden – a really pleasant place to shop.  The shop keepers are constantly selling, but not unpleasantly pushy as they are in some other places.  The people here seem quite pleasant and easy going.

One of the fifty or sixty shops here.

Across the street is the Inka Market where Sally posed in front of the picture of Machu Picchu, since we couldn’t take the time to visit in person.

After shopping, successfully I might add, we took an Uber to a modern shopping center which we heard was worth a visit.

The shopping center we visited was Larcomar – a beautiful facility built into the cliffs.  All of this is above the shops.

A view from the side, which gives a better perspective.

We found a nice restaurant with outside seating overlooking the ocean – Mango’s.

After lunch, we found a supermarket in the mall.  When you have been on a ship for a couple of weeks the dual problem of things you forgot and supplies running out need to be attended to – a supermarket or Walmart is a blessing.

Across from the mall was a beautiful Marriott.

A quick picture by the sea.

We caught a taxi back to the Indian Market just in time to hop aboard a shuttle back to the ship.

My fellow travelers have been talking about “involuntary commitment” for me.  What do you think?


This gave me a sense of alarm concerning Peru.  What kind of people would arrange human bones into an art piece?


A final note.  When we woke Thursday morning this was our view of the wharf which had been completely empty when we arrived back at the ship Wednesday.  That is a lot of cars to be offloaded in one night.

And now we are off to another port in Peru.

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