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November 27 – Manta, Ecuador

November 27 – Manta, Ecuador

We are in Manta, Ecuador, which is labeled as a tourist attraction – honestly I fail to see the attraction.  Kind of a desolate place.  Transportation is somewhat restricted due to a Triathlon which is taking place along the beachfront, so we decided to wait until it finishes to go ashore.  We took a shuttle to the terminal and then caught another shuttle to the city square.

Sally has targeted Panama Hats for this shopping adventure.  Panama hats are not made in Panama, they are made in Ecuador, so she will be searching for some.  Fortunately, the city square is filled with Panama hat vendors.

These guys were demonstrating how the hats were woven.

Shopping mission accomplished, we decided to walk back to the ship along the waterfront.

A water sculpture along the seafront.



I am sure these guys are allow local heroes.

The main industry in Manta is Tuna fishing.  These are some of the largest fishing boats I have seen, and there were dozens (hundreds?) of smaller fishing boats in the harbor.

As we returned to the ship I took this picture of the Oosterdam as it shows our cabin – circled.

We learned of an interesting culinary fact about Ecuador.  One of their favorite dishes, served particularly on special occasions is Cuy (pronounced (kwee) – it is roast Guinea Pig.

Apparently the guinea pigs run loose and wild in the yards, and when they are fat enough they are candidates for roasting to celebrate one’s birthday or anniversary.  I think I will pass.

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