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Category: 2022 Voyage – Circle South America

November 29, 30 December 1 – Lima Peru

This is the first time, in years of cruising, that we have stayed in one port for 3 days.  Lima is a huge city and one of the few that we visit which has a serious crime warning from the State Department – 14 muggings per hour in just the neighborhood where we dock.  Because […]

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November 27 – Manta, Ecuador

We are in Manta, Ecuador, which is labeled as a tourist attraction – honestly I fail to see the attraction.  Kind of a desolate place.  Transportation is somewhat restricted due to a Triathlon which is taking place along the beachfront, so we decided to wait until it finishes to go ashore.  We took a shuttle […]

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November 25 – Panama City

Even though we have been through the Canal several times, we have never landed in Panama.  After exiting on the Pacific side, we docked at the Port for Panama City at about 8 pm – too late to go into town. The next morning we were able to see the ship next to us, the […]

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November 24 – Transit Panama Canal

This is our third or fourth time through the canal and I still find it a fascinating piece of engineering.  The fee structure for using the canal is based upon size – cruise ships are charged by the number of berths.  There is a premium charged if a reserved time is needed.  The largest ships […]

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November 23 – Aruba

It has been many years since we visited Aruba and we are looking forward to seeing what is new.  What we remember is heat and wind and friendly people.  As a Dutch territory, along with the islands of Bon Aire and Curcao, Aruba is quite well organized and prosperous.  The only stain on its reputation […]

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November 21-22 At Sea headed to Aruba

Anyone who has followed our journeys probably knows that I prefer days at sea to days in port – except for certain ports like Hong Kong, Singapore, Auckland and a few others.  I spend my time exploring the ship, in the early part of a cruise, reading, working on this blog, and generally attempting to […]

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