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John Winslow

Day 52 – March 21 – Saturday – Honolulu

We are still tied up at the Honolulu pier with no word on whether or not we will be allowed off.  The Captain keeps informing us that negotiations are on going.  As the day goes on it becomes increasingly obvious we are not getting off the ship.  By mid-afternoon the Captain makes the announcement that […]

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Day 51 – March 20 – Friday – Honolulu

We arrived just before dawn this morning in Honolulu and tied up at the pier – well at least there were no irate citizens with pitchforks trying to stop us.  There were however lots of police. I think they wanted to make sure we didn’t revolt and abandon ship in mass. Once we were advised […]

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March 18 – Another change of course

Today the Captain announced we would not be going to Hilo.  Apparently the fine folks of Hilo decided that somehow we were a threat to their health – despite the fact that we have no illness on board and certainly no coronavirus.  They threatened to come out in small boats and block the harbor.  The […]

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Day 42 – March 11 – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga has agreed to let us visit – hooray!   Rarotonga is the largest island of the Cook Islands, even though its fellow islands are several hundred miles away.  While it is a self governing independent nation it is closely aligned with New Zealand for international relations and defense.  The capital of the Cook Islands is […]

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