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December 5 – Coquimbo and La Serena, Chile

December 5 – Coquimbo and La Serena, Chile

At this port we have 2 towns to visit.  We are docked in Coquimbo, and we can visit the adjoining town of La Serena.


We walked a little ways along the dock in Coquimbo and decided to catch a taxi to La Serena.  Zaga (our invaluable Spanish speaker) negotiated with a driver to take us to La Serena and we piled in and were off.

It seems every town in this area has, as its city center, the Plaza de Armas – for lack of any other knowledge we had the driver take us to the Plaza de Armas in La Serena.

This is a view of the plaza.

Vendors along the plaza

Leaving the plaza, we struck out for a nearby (?) mall.  Along the way we passed this church, the tennis club, and some examples of beautiful foliage in the city.

We toured the mall – I think when this cruise ends we will have seen every mall in South America, but the differences between theirs and ours are always fascinating.  When we left we caught a taxi to take us to a local shopping area called La Recova.

Zaga bought some strawberries and cherries.  It is amazing how she gets these things aboard the ship.

We negotiated a taxi fare back to Coquimbo and took off.

High rise condos between Coquimbo and La Serena – cant tell from this photo, but they are right on the beach.

As we reenter Coquimbo, their foremost landmark is visible – The 3rd Millennium Cross, the tallest monument in South America.

Back in Coquimbo – the similarity between the Panamanian and Texas flags in striking.

Back aboard and off to our next port.


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