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November 18 & 19 – Dallas, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Board Oosterdam

November 18 & 19 – Dallas, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Board Oosterdam

Originally this cruise was scheduled to embark in Ft Lauderdale, so that is where our (non-refundable) hotel was located.  We stayed in Ft Lauderdale Friday night and traveled with our friends Dan and Zaga to Miami Saturday morning.  Dan and Zaga were on the 2020 cruise in the South Pacific which was shortened by Covid – we were on one of those ships sailing around the ocean not being allowed to land anywhere.  The good news is that because that cruise did not hit the ports on the schedule, this cruise is free.

On the way to Miami we stopped for brunch at wonderful Cuban bakery that Zaga knew of – delicious empanadas.

Cuban Bakery in Hollywood, Florida


On the way to Miami, since we had plenty of time, we stopped at Gulfstream Race Track – a beautiful and welcoming facility, incorporated into a high end shopping center.  Very nice.

The Paddock at Gulfstream

We proceeded on to the Port of Miami and began the boarding process, which went very smoothly and quickly, which is not always the case, depending on the cruise line.

Sally at the boarding gate


Immediately after posting the above picture, the internet went down on the ship.  As I write this it 4 days later and it is working, albeit slowly.  So, I will try to catch up with the journey as long as the internet holds up.

There are six different cruise ships in port – all headed out this evening.

A busy time at the Port of Miami

Ensconced in our cabin, we enjoyed the views of the Miami skyline.

Sunset behind downtown Miami
Afternoon sun behind n Miami
Night – downtown Miami

And we are off to Aruba

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