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November 21-22 At Sea headed to Aruba

November 21-22 At Sea headed to Aruba

Anyone who has followed our journeys probably knows that I prefer days at sea to days in port – except for certain ports like Hong Kong, Singapore, Auckland and a few others.  I spend my time exploring the ship, in the early part of a cruise, reading, working on this blog, and generally attempting to be worthless.

This cruise was no exception – lots of reading and exploring, but no work on the blog since the internet was down both days.

My favorite spot to read and work

After referring to the list of trips we have been on, I learned that we have sailed on the Oosterdam twice before.  Once around the Caribbean with our oldest grandchildren, and once when we took Jeff and 5 of his high school friends on a cruise to prevent them from going to Mexico on spring break of his senior year.  It worked like a charm, with much less stress than if he was running around Cancun or Cabo.

Even though this ship is a little aged, it is still a fine cruise ship.  My definition of a fine cruise ship is “one that I am on”.

On to Aruba


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