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Day One – Los Angeles boarding the Pacific Princess

Day One – Los Angeles boarding the Pacific Princess

The transition from the hotel was easy – eight pieces of luggage and the two of us. The Crown Plaza, San Pedro, proved to be an excellent pre-cruise hotel – good food and drinks – very reasonable prices, a huge room and a shuttle to the ship.

We boarded with a minimum of waiting, found our cabin quickly, and explored the ship and had lunch while we awaited our bags – which always dribble in throughout the afternoon and evening. The final two arrived about 8 pm.

Here is a shot off the aft of the ship, of the harbor area – it is one of the largest container ports in the world. If you ever doubt the size of our imports from China, just watch these containers being unloaded for a day or so.

The boats in the middle are passenger ferries to Catalina Island.

We were a little delayed in departure because the floating gas station showed up late to fill up or tanks (this is called “bunkering” in nautical terms).

After our fill-up, we set sail for Honolulu about 6 pm.

Bon Voyage.

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