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Another Day at Sea, enroute to Honolulu

Another Day at Sea, enroute to Honolulu

To some, five days at sea, with no ports and no land in sight might be boring. To me, it is the perfect way to start a long cruise – relaxing, exploring the ship, electronically disconnecting, and adjusting to life at sea.

Nothing but sea and sky, for thousands of miles.

While we do have wi-fi on board, it is very slow, expensive, and depending on the time of day, hard to get on-line. It is always surprising in this day of constant communication how it takes a while to get used to not being “driven” by constant texts and emails. Very strange to leave your iPhone on the dresser and not in your pocket.

A quick look around the ship, beginning with the swimming pool area, and exercise track.

The driving range – it even has left handed clubs, so I intend to do a little practicing.

The library – where most of this blog is written. Small but nice, and unlike the Amsterdam. It is very quiet.

This ship doesn’t have a hold em poker table, but it does have a slot machine, which contributed mightily to our travel fund – note the three in a row.

One of the big differences between short cruises ( 1 or 2 weeks to the Caribbean) is that these voyages offer excellent lecturers on sea days on a variety of subjects. In the past we have enjoyed lectures on tectonic plate movement, WWII history, famous Los Angeles trials, etc. On this part of the trip, we have enjoyed a series of lectures by Dr. Christian Heim and his wife, Dr. Caroline Heim. He is an MD, a Psychiatrist, and a PhD in music. She is an actress, and a PhD in Drama. Their series of lectures on classical music, public speaking, and relationships have been quite good.


Tomorrow we are in Honolulu. Aloha

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