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Day 12 – Feb 11 – Tuesday A Day of Rest–and we need it!

Day 12 – Feb 11 – Tuesday  A Day of Rest–and we need it!

Day 12 – Feb 11 – Tuesday A Day of Rest–and we need it!


While our various tours haven’t been particularly taxing – just living in a hilly place where you walk EVERYWHERE, is plenty taxing.  Not complaining, mind you, as I probably wouldn’t generate much sympathy anyway, but it is indeed an adjustment to our normal activity level.

I grabbed this screen shot from my phone, from the App which tracks our steps (I say “our” steps, as Sally is beside me on every one of them), and you can see the dramatic jump in activity from the first day of our trip.  From an average of about 3000 steps per day at home (and most of that is probably walking to the car) to an average of 8000 steps per day, with some days at 15,000.  We will either increase our fitness this month in Devonport, or be inspecting their intensive care unit.


The other day, my watch advised me that I still had time to beat the previous day’s record of over 15,000 steps – just shut up Apple!

One of the contributors to the steps – walking to and from the grocery.  I think an on-line delivery service would be a big hit here.  New Zealand doesn’t allow single use bags, so we bought these .97cent tote bags for our groceries.

IMG_4933 (1)

On Victoria Road (the main street) there is a restored theater, The Old Vic, and it has been remodeled to accommodate 4 theaters.  We bought tickets for The Gentlemen, with Matthew McConaughey – good but somewhat quirky mystery.  At any rate, better than staying home and watching the Australian version of Family Feud.

IMG_0415 (2)


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