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Category: 2020 Journey to New Zealand and Cruise Back to San Diego

Day 8 – Feb 7 – Friday

There are several “Heritage Walks” published by the Rotary Club, so we decided today, instead of walking into town for breakfast, to take off on one of the walks, since it appears there is a breakfast place on the the route. We walked down the hill to the beach, turned left and started toward the […]

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Day 5 – Feb 4 Tuesday

Basically a day of much needed rest.  We walked into town (about 10 minutes) to the super market and picked up a few supplies – coffee, Coke Zeros, bread, sandwich fixings, and breakfast stuff.  This is a pretty expensive place to live although it is a little hard to calculate due to the difference in […]

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Day 4–Feb 3–Monday What an exciting day!!!

It is Monday here in New Zealand, Super Bowl Sunday at home.  The game, at 12:30 pm our time, was not to be shown on local television, and I was not successful finding a way to stream it (at least not within my capabilities).  After a little bit of research I determined that none of […]

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Day 3 – Feb 2 Sunday–First full day in Devonport

On this trip, I am really noticing the recent enhancements to Google Maps.  I think the routing, particularly “on foot” is much improved, and we are using it frequently – to the store, to restaurants, to the hardware store (more electrical plug adapters) and this morning the local Methodist Church. Despite the assurances from Google, […]

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