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Day 51 – March 20 – Friday – Honolulu

Day 51  –  March 20 – Friday –  Honolulu

Day 51 – March 20 – Friday – Honolulu

We arrived just before dawn this morning in Honolulu and tied up at the pier – well at least there were no irate citizens with pitchforks trying to stop us.  There were however lots of police.

I think they wanted to make sure we didn’t revolt and abandon ship in mass.

Once we were advised we would be getting off the ship on March 20 in Honolulu, we made reservations to fly home directly from Honolulu, since we had been advised we would not be allowed to stay in Hawaii – darn there goes our plan of hunkering down in Kauai to ride out the virus.  The night before we had packed our luggage and it had been hauled off to wherever they store them on the ship before debarking.

Even though there was no announcement, around noon it became obvious were not going to be able to make our flight that day, so we went back to the internet and began cancelling reservations. 

Finally an announcement was made that we would be getting off the next day – apparently there were on going negotiations between Holland America and the Governor of Hawaii, Davis Ige, who had issued an order forbidding our ship from debarking at the request of Tulsi Gabbard, US Representative from Hawaii.

To be prepared, we made reservations to fly home.  Having exhausted all of my AAdvantage miles on American, I made the reservations on Southwest.

The Governor did allow the ship to refuel and allowed food to be brought on board – what a guy!


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