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Day 52 – March 21 – Saturday – Honolulu

Day 52  –  March 21  –  Saturday  –   Honolulu

Day 52 – March 21 – Saturday – Honolulu

We are still tied up at the Honolulu pier with no word on whether or not we will be allowed off.  The Captain keeps informing us that negotiations are on going.  As the day goes on it becomes increasingly obvious we are not getting off the ship.  By mid-afternoon the Captain makes the announcement that we are not getting off and instead are going to sail for San Diego, to arrive there on March 27.  The plan is that we will arrive on the 27th, be inspected by customs and health personnel and then will stay on board and debark the next day, once again under the provision we must leave San Diego immediately.  Our luggage is returned to us and again we unpack.

As you can see, this whole thing has really concerned Sally. 

I did manage to take this picture as proof that Zaga and Dan did visit Hawaii.

There is an interesting post note to this.  The next day, after we left, an NCL cruise ship was allowed into Honolulu and discharged its passengers.  They claimed they had engine trouble, but I suspect they were better at bribing the right folks.

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