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Day 42 – March 11 – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Day 42  –  March 11  –  Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Day 42 – March 11 – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Rarotonga has agreed to let us visit – hooray!   Rarotonga is the largest island of the Cook Islands, even though its fellow islands are several hundred miles away.  While it is a self governing independent nation it is closely aligned with New Zealand for international relations and defense.  The capital of the Cook Islands is Avarua on Rarotonga, and is where we are anchored today.  

We got on the tender as quick as we could (feeling a little cooped up after 5 days at sea) and headed into town.

As has become our habit, we walked the length of the downtown area – we had been advised that there was a bus that went around the island (about a 45 minute drive) and the bus station was on the far side of the downtown area.  Actually, we found out, there are two buses that circumnavigate the island – one clockwise and one counter clockwise.  We found the bus station and hopped on the first available bus – it was the counter clockwise one.

We rode the bus 3/4 of the way around and exited at a bar on the beach which gave us access to a cold drink and the beach.

The beach here was truly wonderful with two islands within wading distance.

We walked along the beach, with Dan leading the way as always.

Sally and Zaga waded (swam) across to explore the island.

After they returned, we decided to have lunch on the beach, at the Sandal’s resorts beachfront restaurant.

After lunch we strolled through the resort to the main road.

We caught a taxi at the main road back in to town, toward the ship.  After we exited the taxi we were caught in a sudden tropical downpour, and got back on the ship soaking wet.





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