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Day 13 – Feb 12 – Wednesday–A trip to Waiheke Island

Day 13 – Feb 12 – Wednesday–A trip to Waiheke Island

Day 13 – Feb 12 – Wednesday–A trip to Waiheke Island


There are several islands within a few miles of Auckland in the Hauraki Gulf – some of them quite developed, and some quite primitive, with no permanent inhabitants.  One of the more developed islands is Waiheke Island, which, beginning in the late 1970s became a center for wine production.  At the current time there are approximately 25 vineyards on the island, and wine tasting tours have become a staple of the tourist industry.  There are several ferries a day from both Auckland and Devonport.


This ferry ride was longer than our normal 10 minute hop over to Auckland, and was very crowded – standing room only.  We arrived and went immediately to the hop on hop off bus, which took us into the busy little town of Oneroa – the main town on the island.  We jumped off the bus at the first stop, intending to find a place for breakfast.  This is the main street of Oneroa.


We found this restaurant with a good looking menu, and great views.






There were a few eclectic looking art pieces around the town.






After breakfast, a little browsing, and a search for a Post Office, we connected back up with the hop on hop off.




Since neither of us are big “wine” people, we decided to just stay on the bus, enjoying the scenery, instead of hopping off for the wine tasting at each vineyard.  Here are some shots of the beautiful vineyards, around the island.







The bus completed its loop back at the ferry terminal, allowing us to catch the mid-afternoon ferry back to Devonport.

The ferry ahead of us – from the ferry terminal.


This is a view of our temporary home, Devonport, from the sea.


Off the ferry and a trudge up the hill to our home.






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