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January 8th, 2012 – Sea Day

January 8th, 2012 – Sea Day

Day 3

To the fitness center then breakfast on the Lido deck. This sea day routine is becoming very comfortable, very quickly.

We attended a lecture by an oceanographer on “Waves” – fascinating subject and a good teacher. He is a professor at the University of Maryland and a former Navy meteorologist. Lectures on varied subjects are more common on these long cruises and we certainly enjoy them.

Right now I am in the library/Internet cafe and am sending a photo of same.

Ships Library – my office on board.

Sally is off to an acupuncture lecture (or is it really sales pitch?) Note – it turned out to be a sales pitch – and a good one – one treatment and her hip, which has been irritating her, feels great.

In the evening we watched Denver play Pittsburgh – go Tebow, and went to the evening show – Melissa Manchester put on a good show, and was joined by her daughter – Hannah, who also is a good singer.

Tomorrow is our first port of call, Roseau, Dominica.

2 thoughts on “January 8th, 2012 – Sea Day

  • What a torturous life you lead……. Please just remember your friends in low places!!!
    I just wish I knew how to make this a “favorite” in my bar at the top! Oh, I think I found it! woohoo!!!!
    I hope you are having a great time. We are living our own lives vicariously through you two!
    Love ya,
    Connie Bob

  • Love this site with pictures and all, we are already jealous and it brings back alot of great memories of our Australian cruise especially the lectures. Have a wonderful time and I will be checking daily.

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