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January 6th, 2012 – Day One

January 6th, 2012 – Day One

Day 1

3:30 is early to start the day.  The definition of a true friend is someone who will pick you up at 5 in the morning and haul you and your 8 pieces of luggage to the airport – an hour away.  Charles and Aileen Bailey fit the definition to a tee.

I experienced my first full body pat down at TSA. It was thrilling! My handkerchief in my back pocket set off the machine and sent me down the pat down line.  When they say remove everything in your pockets, they mean EVERYTHING! Next stop Houston.

Made it to Houston Hobby, waiting on Ft Lauderdale flight and hoping the luggage makes it also.  I took my very first airplane flight from this airport on June 6th, 1959 on my way to USMC boot camp. It sure has changed in 53 years. Sally also had her first flight experience here, although it was landing, not taking off. She and her family arrived at Hobby in 1950 via Eastern Airlines as they moved from Pennsylvania to Texas.
A quick flight across the Gulf and Florida to Ft Lauderdale.

There was virtually no line at embarkation and we boarded our home for the next four months.

A miracle – all the luggage made it and made it to the room. Why in the world did we bring so much stuff, and where are we going to stow it? (a nautical term). It all found a place, more or less but it will be several days before we get it all properly sorted out. A brief tour of the ship, an early dinner and we were rocked to sleep as we left Ft Lauderdale. Didn’t even visit the casino.

Where are we going to put all of this?


Leaving Ft Lauderdale.

11 thoughts on “January 6th, 2012 – Day One

  • Oh, just by the by…

    When you stop in at Stanley and on the off chance that you get to look around. Would you take some pictures of Stanley airport for me? It’s the area that was bombed by a Vulcan bomber during operation black buck in 1982.


  • Bon Voyage, friends! Or should I say Bonum Cursum or Optima Via?! We will be following your blog daily!

  • We thought of you both all day yesterday!! Have so much FUN….no two others deserve a trip like this more than you!!

    Nothing exciting to report in Dallas other than an EARTHQUAKE!! Really….a 2.0 earthquake was measured early Friday morning at Inwood/NW Hwy….right under Caroline and Grant’s old school — Lovers Lane UMC. No one felt it other than the scientists!!

    Sending our love from the other side of the world!

  • This is -so- exciting! I’ll read about your adventures every day, and will report anything noteworthy from Whiteland.

  • Sounds like you are off to a great start. We just got back from our mini,mini,mini cruise and it was wonderful. We missed two hockey games while we were gone so can not report on them. Went last night and they beat Peoria 6-2. Play Houston tonight. Hope fully they will beat them. Played very solid against Peoria and at end of 2nd period lead 4-2. I had a good feeling that they would keep that lead, and they added to it by 2. Have a great time and kill them in the casino. We did not do well there. Martha and Mary say hi.

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