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Day 35 – March 5 – Thursday – Savusavu, Fiji

Day 35 – March 5 – Thursday – Savusavu, Fiji

Savusavu is a smaller island, still part of Fiji.  Here we have to take a tender into the shore.

Dan, Sally, and I went down the main street browsing.  Dan wanted to find some small fans for their cabin, to cool it off.

Really not much to see in Savusavu, just a commercial street with shops of all sorts – shops for the locals, not necessarily shops catering to tourists.  Note the specialty store “seafood & furniture”.

However, Dan was able to get his fans, and after seeing the town, we headed back to the ship. 

Zaga had taken an excursion to a water fall – and the guide got this shot of her swimming in the pool at the bottom.

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