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Day 41 – Second Day in Hong Kong

Day 41 – Second Day in Hong Kong

We hoped for better weather for Day 2 in Hong Kong but were disappointed. Undaunted, we left the ship and took the Star Ferry across to Central with plans to ride the Hop–On around to the town of Aberdeen to take the Sampan ride which is offered as part of our ticket. We sailed through Stanley – not even tempted to get off and spend money. When we got to Aberdeen the rain stopped and the sun peeked out just in time.

The sampans, designed for shallow water fishing, are fascinating craft – very highly maneuverable as they putt putt around the fishing harbor.


The sampan we boarded was highly decorated on the inside.


We made our way through various boats in the small harbor – fishing boats (that the owners lived on) tied up next to multi-million dollar yachts.


The Sampan took us near the “Jumbo” floating restaurant, a Hong Kong landmark, and star of one or two James Bond movies.

hkd4 hkd5

From Aberdeen, we headed back into Central and took a ride on the Ferris wheel.


hkd7The ferry terminal from the wheel, with our Hop-ons in the foreground.


We rode the ferry back across and caught the Hop-on on the Kowloon side to ride that route. We jumped off near the third major market in Hong Kong – the Ladies Market. Just like the night market, but during the day. We navigated to the market despite an obstacle. At Nathan Road, the major street in Kowloon, there appeared to be no way across, not just because it was busy, but because there were barriers. After searching for an intersection for a while, we gave up and asked a shopkeeper, who directed us to a subway crossing about a block further down. We crossed and found our way to the Ladies Market – the same stuff as the Night Market, but Sally found a purse she liked.


We found another subway, crossed Nathan and found our bus stop for the ride back, which was extended since we finished the complete Kowloon route before nearing the ship. When we got close, we exited the bus, and began walking along the harbor Esplanade toward the ship – this esplanade is called the Avenue of Stars, because of the names and handprints of various Hong Kong stars embedded in the walk.

A statue of Bruce Lee along the walk.

hkd10We stopped for coffee at a Starbucks and headed on toward the ship.

We sailed for Viet Nam about 5:30. Not the best weather for our visit here – but we made the best of it.


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