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April 11, 2012 – Katakalon, Greece

April 11, 2012 – Katakalon, Greece

Day 96

A short overnight trip from Athens brings us to the charming little port of Katakolon, Greece. Where Athens is big and bustling, Katakolon is small and charming – a welcome break.


Katakolon looks too small to support any cruise traffic, but they have two huge piers and there were three big ships in port – us, a Costa ship, and Cunard’s Queen Victoria. Luckily Queen Victoria had to tender, not us.

Sally took off shopping and for lunch with friends, while I stayed on board and caught up with some emails and bill paying.

Sally and her friends had lunch at one of the many open air restaurants along the waterfront.

Paperwork complete, I headed into town for a walkabout, also. This is a charming, relaxing village that it would be fun to return to and spend some time.


Katakolon Beach – must be off season


Katakalon Waterfront


I don’t know who sets the schedules for these things, but they could subtract an Egyptian day and add a Greek day in my book.

And now – off to Sicily, home of Don Corleone. Il Padrino.


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