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World Cruise 2012 Epilogue

World Cruise 2012 Epilogue

World Cruise 2012 Epilogue

Back home in Georgetown and back to the real world.  I would have to say that we may be addicted to cruising since, prior to arrival in Ft. Lauderdale, we checked to see if our cabin was available for the 2 weeks following (Ft. Lauderdale to Seattle).  Alas, the ship was booked full and they threw us off in Florida.

The Fed Ex shipment of luggage was a nice touch, I wasn’t looking forward to schlepping 8 suitcases to the bus and thence to the airport.

All is well at home and we are easing back into things – it still feels surreal to be on land, we really miss shipboard life.

Some final thoughts and observations on this cruise, and long cruises in general:

  • A cruise of this length is far different from a normal vacation in the sense that on a vacation we seldom get to know, or get really close to our fellow travelers.  On a four month cruise you actually get to know most of your fellow passengers fairly well, particularly those with whom you share interests and/or the luck of the draw throws you together at meals, on excursions and at other events.  This familiarity can be a plus or a minus, depending on the nature of the people and your own ability to socialize quickly.  Staying in your own cocoon, as you might on a shorter trip is not possible.  Hiding one’s true nature for four months is also not possible. In the future we will begin meeting folks immediately.
  • The diversity of this world is amazing in culture, politics, economies, laws, customs, money, geography, and climate, but the people are almost universally open and friendly if you are also.
  • While I will admit to occasional “verandah envy” on the trip, our inside cabin was perfect and represents a real savings.
  • I didn’t play in any of the daily Hold Em tournaments, and missed out on a fun activity and meeting some new friends – I will remedy this next time, even though I probably saved some money on this trip.
  • We now have enough “frequent cruiser” days to get free laundry on board.  As the person that did the laundry for the whole cruise (the result of an ill conceived promise) I say Whoopee!

A parting thought that sums up this trip and all our travels:

On life’s journeys it’s not where or how you go, but who’s by your side that makes the difference.


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