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September 24-26, 2013 – At Sea en route to Hawaii

September 24-26, 2013 – At Sea en route to Hawaii

I don’t know why I have to learn the lesson over on each voyage, but it takes a few days to settle in to shipboard life. This cruise starts out with four days at sea on our way to Hilo, Hawaii, whereas many others have one sea day followed by a string of ports – usually Caribbean Islands, thrusting you into the hectic pace instantly. This much time at the beginning is kind of nice – time to unpack and sort everything out. The origin of the saying “a place for everything” must have been in a small cabin on a ship. A side note about my packing prowess: Last time, we hauled 8 suitcases to the airport and to the ship ourselves, while this time we took advantage of the Fed Ex service that was offered, and had four suitcases picked up two weeks before the cruise and they were waiting for us in the cabin – slick! The only problem was that I forgot what I had packed, and wound up with 26 shirts. Well, at least it cuts down on the laundry.

Keeping up our exercise routine may be a little tough this trip. While they do have a fitness facility, it is jammed up early in the morning and an hour on the elliptical is out of the question. We may have to experiment with other exercise regimens, other times of the day, or multiple sessions. Yesterday, we were able to get about 30 minutes in the fitness facility, this morning, we walked the deck instead.









The ship has a series of new and improved Technical seminars, with a really great instructor, who will be holding sessions on Windows 8, and Photo Editing – maybe by the end of the cruise I can overcome my absolute hatred for Windows 8 – luckily, I brought along a PC with that operating system loaded on it, since I planned to fiddle with it. Serendipity!

digitalclasses computertime








It is nice to be back in my usual spot, in the library/internet café pecking out my missive.


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