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September 23, 2013 – Dallas to Los Angeles

September 23, 2013 – Dallas to Los Angeles

If I ever want a big event to occur in my life, all I have to do is schedule a long voyage, and it is guaranteed that a significant one will occur right before we leave. Last time, we sold our company 2 weeks before leaving on our World Voyage. This time, our home in Georgetown, which has been on the market for several years was sold, with a closing scheduled while we are gone. Thankfully, my son John who has our Power of Attorney is set up to handle the closing.

All of the technology connections we all take for granted are highlighted when they are gone – no fax, no phone, limited internet (kind of like the old “dial up”). I may be one of the only travelers that brings a computer, a backup computer, a scanner and a printer on board, but I have had to use them every time.

After much scrambling, and a minimum (?) of anxiety attacks, the day arrived. I had a 7:00 am Doctor’s appointment for the next in a series of Hepatitis vaccinations, and a limo due at 9:00am, courtesy of our travel agent, Cruise Escapes. Off to the airport, checked the bags, whisked through security, boarded the plane, and then the dreaded announcement “ladies and gentlemen we have a minor electrical problem and we have called maintenance”. Jump on-line, look for other flights, and remember the person who was amazed that we fly out the day of the cruise, and not the day before – who was that wise person? Check flights to Hilo (our first stop) while waiting for the “further information” announcement, which comes after an hour and a half – “ladies and gentlemen, we have worked around the problem, added fuel just in case and will be leaving momentarily”. We take off and head west with the words “just in case” rattling around in my head.

Because we were late, the crowds were gone, our 40 passenger bus was a 2 person limo, no one was at check in, and we were on board in a flash, unpacked, and sailing away.






We went to dinner in the dining room, which most of you know is unusual for us and enjoyed dinner sailing past Santa Catalina with a delightful couple from Iowa.

To bed early – exhausted!


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