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October 3, 2013 – The day that never was

October 3, 2013 – The day that never was

At 3:00 am, this morning we crossed the International Date Line, and went from Wednesday, October 2nd, to Friday October 4th. We have done this several times before, but it always befuddles me for a while. Last night we found out that ESPN (the only sports channel we get on the ship at sea) was going to show the Texas – Iowa State game at 7:00pm (Dallas time) Thursday. So, did we miss the game? If so, what happened to it? After I sorted out the logic, with the help of my iPad World Clock and a pencil and paper, I figured out we had moved from being 7 hours behind Dallas time, to 17 hours ahead of Dallas, so if I have calculated correctly, and the satellite stays up, we should see the football game at noon today (ship’s time).

2 thoughts on “October 3, 2013 – The day that never was

  • Good luck with the game watching! TCA Trojans are being televised tonight locally vs. Ft. Worth Nolan but pretty sure that one won’t make the satellite! So glad y’all are enjoying the trip – I love following the blog.

  • The bigger question is whether or not y’all get any *proper* football on the ship? Then again, might be tough to watch your Mancs right now…not so pretty.

    We miss y’all!

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