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March 14, 2012 – Nha Trang, Vietnam

March 14, 2012 – Nha Trang, Vietnam

Day 68









Nha Trang is a coastal resort which has experienced a growth spurt in the past few years due to increased tourism, both from cruise ships and as a “fly in” destination from Europe, primarily from Russia…..

Nha Trang Arrival
House on hill over harbor

with several direct flights each day from Moscow. Nha Trang looks as if it was a small fishing village, blessed with beautiful beaches and scenic mountains as a backdrop, which has become a vacation destination.

This being our first visit to Vietnam, I was very curious as to what we would encounter in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (which is the official name). There were a few signs of “workers” propaganda and the government buildings were distinctive in size, color (always yellow & red), and security, but otherwise it was like any other country we have visited – vendors, taxis, busses, and tourist sites. The officials who “cleared” the passengers upon arrival were Vietnamese Army personnel with their distinctive green uniforms with yellow & red trim.

After clearance, we engaged a driver and van for the day and took off on our tour with our guide/driver Lam.

We first visited a Catholic Church built by the French when this area was a French Colony, followed by visits to two temples – one Buddhist and one Hindu.

Nha Trang Catholic Church
Hindu Temple
The House Band at the Hindu Temple
Owl House
Rice Paddy
Buddhist Temple

After touring the local sites, we headed to the countryside, to visit a place called the Owl House, which was preparing for the influx of tourists soon to arrive by bus. They served tea and had a fascinating collection of

Interesting, unidentified Temple

carved furniture.

On the drive back into Nha Trang we passed through rice fields where the rice was being harvested, by hand, machine, and buffalo.

As we reentered Nha Trang we passed one interesting temple (but I couldn’t tell what kind it was) and visited a Buddhist Temple.















































Notice the symbol on the Buddhist Temple decoration – it looks like a swastika, but is not. It is not the same shape as the Nazi swastika, and is much older. I am not sure exactly, but it means something like peace, harmony, etc….

Our next stop was at an embroidery shop where we toured the workshop and Sally bought a nice piece of frame able embroidery. Notice the traditional dress on the sales person at the shop. This was the first time we had seen this style of dress and it turned out to be very common among “professional” women such as those waiting on the public or selling goods to the public. It is actually an outfit which consists of long silk pants and a matching cover – very attractive, if you are a size 2. If you look closely, you can see that many of the women in the picture are wearing the same style.

Embroidery Workshop
Vietnamese Dress

We next headed to a cable car which carried us to Vinpearl, an island resort about a mile across the harbor.


Map of Vinpearl

Vinpearl is a private amusement park, hotel, and golf course – it was new and obviously a first class facility. It raised the question in my mind as to how business works in this country as a socialist country. Does the government own everything, or what? What is the relationship between private enterprise and the government? Something for me to research in the future!

Our ship from above – on the cable car


Riding the cable car – our shipboard friends Marci & Terry

The cable car ride offered some interesting photo opportunities. The cable car passed directly over our ship as it was docked at the pier. Also we saw a familiar ship in the harbor – The Legend of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship which we have cruised on three times. Wonder what route she is on now?

3 thoughts on “March 14, 2012 – Nha Trang, Vietnam

  • I think she’s on her(Legend) way back to China, perhaps Hong Kong.

    I bet visiting VietNam was sort of bittersweet after what we went through in our generation.

  • Noticed your stop in Nha Trang. I was there several times during my year-long tour in 1968-69. Beautiful city, with beautiful people and wonderful beaches. Lots of fond memories. I noticed,John, you were a Marine. Did you ever spend time in Vietnam? Ron

    • Ron – I served from 1959 until 1965 and my reserve time ended just before my unit went to Vietnam. Still a proud Marine though!

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