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March 12, 2012 – Day 2 Hong Kong

March 12, 2012 – Day 2 Hong Kong

Our second day in Hong Kong and I wish we could stay for a week – it would take that long, at least, to see everything you might want to in this wonderful city.

We were off this morning to a wholesale jewelry company in Hong Kong Central which was arranged by the on board concierge from our travel agent – it is a very special introduction, and will undoubtedly cost me big time! Across to Hong Kong on the Star Ferry and hiking through the raised pedestrian walkways to downtown Hong Kong.


Leaving the diamond wholesaler, with my considerably lightened wallet, we are off to Stanley Market – a world known shopping destination, on the far eastern portion of Hong Kong Island.

Stanley Market is a very special shopping place. It is located in the town (village?) of Stanley and is a maze of very shops with very unusual merchandise and food – a fascinating place which deserved much more than the few hours we gave it.


The waterfront at Stanley

After a visit to the Post Office in Kowloon for stamps and to mail post cards, we hustled back to the ship for an early sailing. There were a lot off requests to the Captain to delay the sailing, since virtually everyone wanted to stay until 10:00pm or so – but alas, the schedule did not allow for it, so he announced we would be sailing as planned.

Off to Viet Nam.



Waterfront at Stanley

3 thoughts on “March 12, 2012 – Day 2 Hong Kong

  • Ahhh, jewelry! When I was in Hong King 25 years ago, at the jewelry company, you could design your own custom ring, and they would have it made and at your hotel within 48 hours. Do they still do that?

    • Sally bought a ring and sketched out the setting. We took the stone with us and they are going to send the ring for setting at home. Lots of fun!

  • Hi John & Sally… just spent some time catching up on your journey. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time. I’m still amazed at what an A+ job you’re doing on this blog!!!

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