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January 14-15, 2012 – En route to Recife, Brazil

January 14-15, 2012 – En route to Recife, Brazil

Day 9 & 10

Our cabin.

You may be curious as to our luxurious quarters on the ship. Sally and I long ago began booking interior cabins on our cruises. Not only are they cheaper, but we have come to prefer them, and even turned down the offered upgrade on this cruise. Interior cabins have several advantages to us. First, they are generally in toward the center of the ship, offering less movement as the ship rolls. Second, they can be completely darkened, unlike the outboard cabins, even during the day – for those times when we might want to nap during the day. The cabin is about 15 feet by 10 feet, in the main portion, plus closets and bathroom. There are four small closets, which contain a combination of shelves and hanging space, plus a small safe. The bath area is about 7 by 7, including a small shower – which is fine with us, as we both prefer a shower. Some of the larger staterooms also contain a tub.


Our cabin is on Deck 3, the Lower Promenade Deck. The Lower Promenade Deck is the only deck, other than the top deck, which has a walkway all the way around the ship. It is the preferred exercise area for all the walkers on the ship. The deck is just a few feet down the hall from our cabin.

Church life on board ship.

They have a rabbi, a priest, and a protestant minister on board. The protestant pastor is a retired Methodist minister whose last parish was Gross Point, Michigan. Not only does he do Sunday services, he holds a class every day we are at sea. His topic is Windows on the Biblical World, in which he contrasts and compares today’s culture with that of Biblical times – a fascinating subject. Both the services and his classes are very well attended.

Next stop Recife, Brazil.

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