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February 26, 2012 – Sydney, Australia

February 26, 2012 – Sydney, Australia

Day 51








Our second day in Sidney included a tour to The Blue Mountains, a range of mountains about 90 minutes to the west of Sydney. This beautiful range of sub-alpine (about 3,500 feet above sea level) mountains is an obvious destination for weekend trips from the city. The area is full of small tourist villages, reminding us of similar areas in Colorado and New Mexico.

Our coach arrived at Scenic World, a sort of National Park facility for visiting the mountains, perched above a smaller version of the Grand Canyon – beautiful rock formations in all directions.

The Three Sisters
Across the valley

We queued up for a train to the valley floor, labeled the steepest train in the world – a 51 degree slope, and descended to the bottom of the valley. The valley floor, unlike the top of the ridge, was a rainforest with palms, ferns and towering trees. A long abandoned coal mine was in the valley, and after a walk through the jungle, we boarded a cable car for scenic ride up from the valley floor.

Train to the Valley
Train to the Valley
Parrot in the Valley

After lunch we returned to the ship just in time for the life boat drill and sail away.

Until we come back again!!!

Sail Away Party
Sally & Giant Koala












Bridge Climbers watch us sail under
A world class view of the Opera House

1 thought on “February 26, 2012 – Sydney, Australia

  • The last time I was in Sydney I was 20! I slept in the columunar Holiday INN, new at the time, and spent most of my evenings in the Texas Tavern. Syndey was and apparently still is a great place to visit! I would like to see it again, although I would not spend as much time at the Texas Tavern! Back then bars could stay open 23 hours a day. Usually closing for one hour at 3am. Wish we were there!

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