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February 2, 2012 – Crossing the Drake Passage

February 2, 2012 – Crossing the Drake Passage

Day 28

The captains warning was somewhat well advised. While the ship moved around considerably, the batten down the hatches warning was not necessary. It never got rough enough to have things sliding off tables or anything like that, but since it was a “roll” (side to side) as opposed to a “pitch” (front to back) it presented a greater risk to comfort, since this motion often leads to the infamous seasickness. I have never been seasick, although I have felt queasy at times when the ship rolls for long periods of time. I almost got very sick when Jeff and I were deep sea fishing in Port Aransas, but that is a different story.

Actually, even if you miss the Captain’s warning, you can tell bad weather is approaching by the appearance of seasick bag containers around the ship and Dramamine pills at the purser’s desk.

We decided this was an excellent opportunity for a long nap, so after lunch, and an excellent lecture on Antarctica, we took two Dramamines each and slept the day, and the night, away, so I cannot provide a firsthand report on the weather or activities on the ship.

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