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Denmark Addendum

Denmark Addendum

Denmark Addendum

Considering our time in Copenhagen, I feel a need to comment on the Danish people, at least from the perspective provided by our brief visit.

From the friendly passport control officer who greeted us upon landing to the cab driver who carried us to the ship, everyone we met was very friendly and helpful.  While most folks here seem a little reserved upon first meeting, they quickly respond to a greeting with a smile, and a nod.  Everyone seems quite content, with no sense or appearance of stress in their activity.

Confirming this are recent studies by the United Nations, naming Danes as the happiest, most content with their lifestyles, of any people on the planet.  Past studies conform that this is a continuing situation.

The source of this happiness could perhaps be found in a Danish word which has no ready translation to English – it is “Hygge”, (pronounced hoo-gaa).  Hygge is best described a feeling of comfort, warmth or security – a feeling that all is right with the world.  It is said that the source of the happiness of the Danish people is the community striving for Hygge,

It is well described at this site

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