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Days 75 & 76 – Sorrento and Rome, Italy – “Sick Days”

Days 75 & 76 – Sorrento and Rome, Italy – “Sick Days”

Well, I have been hit by some sort of bug – laid low by a bad sore throat. As we pulled into the port of Sorrento, I surrendered to the medical department and went to sick bay. Just like an appointment ashore, I had to fill out a multipage medical questionnaire (I never can remember my prescriptions and dosages).

The Doctor, Dr. Tammy Valentine, of South Africa, diagnosed me with “Pharyngitis” which I believe is an acute fear of Pharaohs (I already knew I was afraid of them). She prescribed bed rest and antibiotics, which luckily Sally brings with us on these trips.

So I missed Sorrento and Rome, but by the second day was feeling much improved.

And now, on to Portofino, Italy.

1 thought on “Days 75 & 76 – Sorrento and Rome, Italy – “Sick Days”

  • Sorry you had to have some “sick days.” Hope you’re feeling better by now! We’re still loving your blog.

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