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Days 28 through 30 – Feb 27 through Feb 29–Our Friends Dan and Zaga arrive in Devenport and we visit Waheke Island again

Days 28 through 30 – Feb 27 through Feb 29–Our Friends Dan and Zaga arrive in Devenport and we visit Waheke Island again

Our friends, Dan Hickox and Zaga Novakovic from Austin have joined the grand tour.  Dan booked their Airbnb completely separately from me, but coincidently they wound up just across the fence from our place, and I saw their Uber deliver them.  It sounds close, but due to the placement of the places, it is about a three block, 10  minute walk to get from one to the other.

After they settled in, we took off for lunch at Zaga’s favorite place from a previous trip – Corelli’s which happened to be our favorite also.

2020-03-02 13.21.33

Here is her favorite salad a Grilled Halloumi salad.



We walked around Devonport for a while allowing them to “stay up” and handle the jet lag problem by not going to sleep too soon after arriving.

The next morning we decided to take the ferry to Waiheke Island, which we had already visited but were anxious to see again.  We ferried over and got on the hop on hop off, which was overloaded so we got on an alternate bus (a local bus & driver pressed into service because of the crowds).  We rode the bus to the last stop, and departed at Onetangi Beach.

Walking along Onetangi Beach we spotted this fellow drive his boat on to the shore and up into his yard, where he hydraulically lowered the boat and let his passengers out.


After a walk on the beach, and seeing some spectacular beachfront houses, we rejoined the bus for a short hop to a place with an olive grove, and olive oil tasting.  Loading up on olive oil to take back with us, we boarded the bus again for a short trip to Mud Brick Winery, where we decided to have a lite lunch and some drinks.  This is a beautiful place and we were lucky to select it among 20 or 30 wineries on the island.

Our group at Mud Brick.

2020-02-28 14.10.04

A sample of their product.


2020-02-28 13.09.03

A quick lunch, and we hopped back on the bus for a five minute ride to the ferry landing and a trip back to Devenport.

 ***Zaga guest post.  

Hello everyone! Zaga here. This is the start of our adventure across the South Pacific with John and Sally. And what a fun start it was, in Devonport! From wondering if we could see into each other’s rooms from across the fence, to relishing strong cafe macchiato at 6:30 a.m. at a sidewalk cafe with the moon getting ready to turn the shift over to the sun.

More fun stories to come!  In the meantime, here is a beautiful photo of the beautiful Ms.Sally!

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