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Day 8,9,10 Sailing from Honolulu

Day 8,9,10 Sailing from Honolulu

As we sailed from Honolulu, we had a really nice dinner on the back deck with the lights of Honolulu receding in the background.

We have a five day sail to Samoa, including crossing the International Date Line, which eliminates February 2.

On previous cruises, since we were usually in a small inside cabin, I wrote the blog, and answered emails, paid bills, etc, in the library, and still do so on occasion, but this bigger room, with a balcony has provided me with far superior work area, weather permitting.

At Noon on Sunday the ship held a Super Bowl Party in the main theater, with Seattle fans seated on one side and New England on the other – they should have had a large section in the middle for those who wished someone else was playing. Pretty good party – snacks & drinks and an exciting finish.




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