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Day 7 – Feb 6 – Thursday – Over to Auckland for a whale watching excursion

Day 7 – Feb 6 – Thursday – Over to Auckland for a whale watching excursion

We hiked down to the ferry, to head over to Auckland for a whale watching excursion.

It is only a brief 15 minute ride, and we still sit where we can catch a view of either Devonport or Auckland, where many of the passengers are obviously commuters, sitting inside with their noses buried in the phones or papers.  Today is somewhat cloudy and blustery, definitely not the norm by our experience so far.  Here is the Devonport ferry landing as it recedes.


This container port is new since our last visit here (or maybe we just don’t remember it).  I am sure the people in the high rises who had great harbor views really hate it.

IMG_0167 (2)

Every time we pull into the Auckland ferry dock we are treated to views of the cruise ships in port.  Today it was the massive Queen Elizabeth.


We made our way to pier where the whale watching excursion was docked, only to be informed that the trip had been cancelled due to rough weather.  No worries – we rebooked for next Monday, and took off to find a place for lunch.  This portion of the wharf area was built a few years ago to accommodate the Americas Cup in 2000.  With their latest win, in Bermuda, the race returns to Auckland in 2021, with preliminary races at other locations this year.  This is Sally, dwarfed by one of the old style Americas Cup boats – on display in this area.

IMG_0171 (2)

We consoled our disappointment over the tour cancellation with a fine meal at Portofino – a Russian waitress, at an Italian Restaurant, in New Zealand – very typically Aucklandish (is that a word).


The Americas Cup wharf area is a main attraction in Auckland, with many restaurants facing the docks where there is a mix of tour boats and yachts.


Time to head back.

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