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Day 5 – Feb 4 Tuesday

Day 5 – Feb 4 Tuesday

Day 5 – Feb 4 Tuesday


Basically a day of much needed rest.  We walked into town (about 10 minutes) to the super market and picked up a few supplies – coffee, Coke Zeros, bread, sandwich fixings, and breakfast stuff.  This is a pretty expensive place to live although it is a little hard to calculate due to the difference in currency valuation, with one US dollar being worth approximately $1.56 in New Zealand. Best I can estimate, most meals are about twice the price as in the US, when purchased at a restaurant, with the average breakfast for 2 being $40, a hamburger going for $15, beer $10, etc.  Items at the grocery store are still higher than in the US, but not double as they are in restaurants.  This is probably because as an island nation, most things need to be imported.

The currency, is made of plastic, in denominations of $100, $50, $20, $10, and $5.  They have no $1 bill, but instead have $2 and $1 coins.


Regardless of costs and valuations, it seems to be disappearing rapidly on this trip.  I really appreciate modern automated banking, where I can with draw from an ATM from my account in Dallas, in NZ currency.  In the old days, we had to use travelers checks, requiring careful planning and budgeting for a trip like this.

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