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Day 4–Feb 3–Monday What an exciting day!!!

Day 4–Feb 3–Monday    What an exciting day!!!

Day 4–Feb 3–Monday What an exciting day!!!

It is Monday here in New Zealand, Super Bowl Sunday at home.  The game, at 12:30 pm our time, was not to be shown on local television, and I was not successful finding a way to stream it (at least not within my capabilities).  After a little bit of research I determined that none of the local Devonport pubs where showing the game, but there were several in Auckland.  I marked the possibilities on Google maps, and we set off for the ferry at about 10:00am. After a brief wait, we boarded the ferry and headed to Auckland.


Enroute to Auckland we spied the MS Maasdam, the Holland America ship we will be boarding on March 1.



There is a huge amount of construction on the main road fronting the wharves, so we had to reroute several times while searching for our target pub.  With no idea of what to expect

our plan was to Uber to an alternate pub if the first one didn’t pan out.  Our first target was “The Fox”, about a block off of the seafront.



A direct hit on our first try.  The Fox was set up with 3 or 4 viewing areas, some designated as 49ers, and some as Chiefs, plenty of stools, but unfortunately all marked as “Reserved”.  While looking around for an open spot, a man offered us two spots in his area, saying that he had reserved 30, but had a couple of cancellations, (he is number 10 in the 49ers jersey in one of the pictures).We still had about 45 minutes before kickoff so we ordered some “pub grub” for lunch – prawns, french fries, and pizza.  The crowd began to grow and by kick off the place was jammed – you know, when it is so crowded that you have to guard each others places to go to the restroom.



About this time we met the two guys next to us (well it started out as two, then turned into about 10).  We met Joe (the father) a 49ers fan, and Michael (the son) a   Chief’s fan.  Michael, is a dead ringer for Mahommes.  He is sitting on Sally’s right in this picture.


As the game seesawed back and forth Joe and Michael were giving each other large amounts of good natured stick.  When KC was ahead, Michael said he would probably have to walk home – but happily!

As the Chiefs began to come back in the second half, the Chiefs fans went wild, and almost blew the roof off when they won.  I haven’t had that much fun at ANY super bowl – who would have believed it would be with a group of rowdy Kiwis in New Zealand.  GREAT FUN!!!

After the game Joe, Michael, and 6 or so of their friends broke into a rousing victory Haka (at least that is what I think it was).  Michael can comment and tell me if I am wrong.  Whatever it was, it was thrilling to watch.

Exhausted, we made our way back to Devonport and up the hill to our home, and bed.  What a day!


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