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Day 3 – Feb 2 Sunday–First full day in Devonport

Day 3 – Feb 2 Sunday–First full day in Devonport

On this trip, I am really noticing the recent enhancements to Google Maps.  I think the routing, particularly “on foot” is much improved, and we are using it frequently – to the store, to restaurants, to the hardware store (more electrical plug adapters) and this morning the local Methodist Church.


Despite the assurances from Google, we weren’t sure how long the walk would be, so we left early, and naturally arrived early.  This was the ministers first day, and her birthday.

There were 17 people there, and so the visitors from Texas stood out like sore thumbs.  Nice service, followed by breakfast at Corelli’s, then home for a nap.  We still aren’t completely caught up on sleep, and these hills are tough on us flatlanders.

Short day – more tomorrow.

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