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Day 26 – Feb 25 Tuesday–A solo trek up the North Head

Day 26 – Feb 25 Tuesday–A solo trek up the North Head


I decided to climb up North Head, the second tallest volcanic hill in Devonport, having previously climber the tallest one, Victoria. 

Here is my target for the day, seen from Torpedo Bay.


At the base of the hill, I discovered the Navy Museum – so I ventured in.  New Zealand has a relatively small military (their entire Navy is based at Devonport) since their isolation protects them and they have developed a semi-pacifist standing, keeping them out of conflicts for the most part.  The Navy was very active in World War II, particularly in the Solomon Islands, since that area is fairly close to home.









Leaving the museum, I walked a few blocks to the start of the trail to the top of North Head.

IMG_0507 (1)

This trek is a lot easier climb than Victoria, with fairly gentle slopes and frequent rest spots.  The views along the way are really nice – this is a view of Cheltenham Beach (the subject of a previous post).


Another difference between this trek and Victoria is the number of guns and bunkers left in place.


As I went higher and around the bluff I had this view of Rangitoto, which is the newest volcano in the area – about 700 years old.


At the top I was treated to a great view of Auckland.


The stroll down was MUCH easier than the hike up.

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  • What a beautiful view of the city from the top of the mountain! Looks like you all are having a blast! Everything is so beautiful!

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