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Day 2 – 8/28 – Boston, London, Copenhagen

Day 2 – 8/28 – Boston, London, Copenhagen

Day 2 – 8/28 – Boston, London, Copenhagen

Despite the luxury of the beds in first class, we arrived in London at 10:00am, after flying all night, pretty tired and fuzzy headed.  We had to go through security again and learned that the British are very serious about their “no liquids” policy, like we were a few years ago.  Sally had to completely repack her carryon and the agent spent 30 minutes making sure she was carrying no explosives in any of her 3oz bottles.

Back to the British Airways lounge for several hours until our flight was called.  We boarded the flight and took off for the two-hour flight to Copenhagen.

If the people in this city are represented by the ones at the airport, we are going truly enjoy this place.  Everyone was helpful and friendly, even the passport control guy – who said he was absolutely sure that Winslow was a Danish name.

I was a little apprehensive about finding a taxi or van able to haul all of our luggage and was prepared to take two taxis if necessary.  To my pleasant surprise there was a line of Mercedes station wagons – so, no worry.  Our driver spoke excellent English and entertained us with information about his city on the ride to the hotel.  The hotel turned out to be very centrally located, and while quite old, was completely updated.

Check in and collapse in bed!!!!

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