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Day 16 – Feb 15 – Sky Tower

Day 16 – Feb 15 – Sky Tower

Day 16 – Feb 15 – Sky Tower

Everywhere we look, and in many of our pictures, the Sky Tower is a prominent feature of the Auckland sky line.


Today, we decided to go over and ascend the tower.

First stop – the ferry.  The second story space, on the left is a really nice “workspace” company, like an executive suite space, called Level One HQ.  I worked there one day, to try it out. Nice! The name “Level One” refers to the fact it is on what we in the U.S would call the second floor, but most of the rest of the world refers to as level 1, with what we would call floor 1, being called the ground floor.


Upon landing we trooped up Queen Street, the mile or so to the tower.

Our target:

IMG_0349_Moment (2)

Our target, up close:


Prior to going to the top, we discovered the casino at the bottom – slight detour at the blackjack table.  Broke even – for real!


We purchased our tickets for the top, and queued up for the elevator.  A short wait and we were in and on our way up – VERY FAST!

At the top.

The views were fantastic in every direction (pictures are “blued” because of the thick glass).

The War Museum, which we attended last week.

IMG_0359_Moment (3)

This is the view toward Takapuna, which we have visited several times for shopping, also home of the best cheeseburger in New Zealand at Franc’s.  The tower in the middle is an apartment building.

IMG_0356_Moment (2)

A view toward the Auckland Harbour Bridge, which connects to the North Shore.  This gives some idea of the number of boats in this city – now wonder they call it the “City of Sails”.

IMG_0354 (3)

This is looking across at Devonport – you can almost spot our little home near Victoria Peak.

IMG_0353 (2)

We discovered there was a café one floor below us so we ordered and enjoyed lunch with a view.



After lunch, we made our way back to the ferry landing for the quick trip back to Devonport.





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