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Day 1 – 8/27 – Dallas, Boston

Day 1 – 8/27 – Dallas, Boston

Day 1 – 8/27 – Dallas, Boston

Every time we do one of these long trips, I forget the hassle of dealing with the amount of luggage required.  It doesn’t seem possible to minimize the “stuff” because of varied climates and the stupid dress requirements on board the ship – maybe some day they will relax.  This time we have, thru Sally’s hard work, kept it to two suitcases each, and a carry on each.  We have three different flights, so it will be a miracle if they all make it.

We are not looking forward to these three long flights, but here we go!  Off to DFW and check in our luggage – good news, checked through to Copenhagen.  I hate to think of claiming it in Boston and London and going through the re-checking process.  We are using almost all of our AAdvantage miles on American up on this trip, but if we are going to fly for 27 hours it sure is better in the front of the plane.  We had a long connection time in Boston and had to pass through security again, but thankfully stayed in the British Airways Lounge – unlike we Yanks, the British still go by class.  If you are in first class you get in the Lounge and are treated to free food and drinks.  There must be a huge number of first class passengers, as it was really crowded.  Finally time for boarding and to my surprise the Brits who are usually so conscious of queuing up in a polite manner held an organized mass assault on the gate.  We boarded are plane which was a big 747, with sleeper compartments in first class.  They were amazing.  I hated to act like the country bumpkin just in from the country, but golly – reclining seats that turn in to a fully flat bed, they issued pajamas and washup-shave kits.  After take off and dinner, we were actually able to sleep for a few hours.

Tomorrow…………. arrival in London.

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  • My biggest issue with First Class sleeping accommodations on a transatlantic flight, is you sleep through the experience you’re paying through the nose for.

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