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April 13, 2012 – Naples, Italy

April 13, 2012 – Naples, Italy

Day 98

Naples was our first encounter with really bad weather – it was raining and in the low fifties.

From our previous visits here, we know Naples to be more of a commercial port and less of a tourist stop, at least the center of Naples is so. Outlying points of interest, which we have visited before, include the Isle of Capri, Pompei (the Roman city buried by volcanic eruption) and Sorrento. Given the weather, we passed on those and decided to stay close to the ship and see the city center.

We charged out into the gloom in search of a “Hop on Hop off” which we found right outside the terminal. After boarding and paying, they took us to a central area, where all of the bus routes link up. It was a large castle, called Maschio Angioini.

As the bus proceeded we were able to get a few glimpses of the architecture of Naples, despite the limited visibility.

The bus wound its way through the city and to the top of a prominent hill, which had this church near the top – on the map it says Capodimonte – which I think just means top of the mountain.

Winding down the hill, we passed through the center of town and traveled a short distance to the north, to the neighborhood of Santa Lucia – the inspiration for the Italian song of the same name.

Our route was altered by a detour around a harbor, where apparently the America’s Cup yacht races were being held. I am not sure if these were just preparations or were the actual races, but I think some sort of preliminary trials are held at several spots around the world. A huge area was blocked off, and we could occasionally see the tops of the various racing boats’ sails.

We hoped for a chance to get a good picture, but this is the only chance at any shot we had.


An interesting contrast of architectural styles.

Typical Naples Street Scene.

At the end of the bus tour – we headed back to the cruise terminal – and warmth! On to Corsica with a hope for better weather. Isn’t that the place between Houston & Dallas where they make the fruit cakes?

On to Corsica


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